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Story 1
Friday, 6 July 2012 | 10:28 pm | 0 comments
Tbh, every time I try to post something, it seems like I suddenly have a case of writer's block or something. Full of ideas and then when I sat in front of the screen. 

smh. I have like, 3713710371738 unpublished posts actually. And I don't plan to publish it anyway so I'll probably delete it.

So Imma just tell you stories throughout the whole week with numbers to differentiate it. 
Gather round, children!


Last Thursday, I went to school and study. Everything went smoothly until..
"Attention to all Form 3 students and teachers, please make your way to the Asma' hall at 12:50 as the result giveaways will begin at the time."
Everyone was like , NOOOOOOOOOO SHIIIIIIIIIT FUUUUUUUU- including me of course. I mean who wouldn't? 

And so I got my results and it was shit. Worse motherfucking shit in my life.
8A's 4B's. Well how about that? Lucky enough there were no C's. I was shocked out of my mind, I went to buy food alone. When I head back to class, I met Fi. I really feel sorry for her. She was alone, doing the Geog assignment. I want to help her but Idk what to do. TT__TT

Then, the trio came. The were chit-chatting about something but I didn't hear it because I was sleeping. Around 3:45, I woke up and joined the conversation. It led up to a certain someone's experience being in a relationship when she was in elementary and we're all D'awwwwww ^///^
It was really cute actually. :D

Then everything went havoc when it suddenly started raining cats and dogs and all the desks near the windows were wet and everything. I saved some sheets but it still got wet so it was useless.

In the end, I bade them goodbye because my sixth sense told me my mom is arriving, and so I left.
Ended up shopping in TESCO and bought 789779787 different types of food and a SKIP BEAT! DVD which I can't watch because the laptop won't allow it. D:
damn. Damn. DAMN. DAMN!!!!


Since mom was having a spring cleaning day and I was bored, I asked mom's permission to read her novels. Holy shit, I so regretted that moment in my life.
Not that I hate the stories, but most men in those novels seems like a big douche and so similar. 
Romantic, rich, sometimes in a state of mood that is similar to PMS, likes their wives/girlfriends mad face, forceful, easily jealous, hot, etc.
And the women are like: the queen of tears, if not, egoistical bitch. Poor. Doesn't have the necessary qualifications for the man's mother to accept her as in-laws. Hot. Extremely kind-hearted.
The baddies always a bunch of bitches that either dies or turned over a new leaf. Never went to jail or anything ide. 

Pretty much the reason why I don't read these novels in the first place.
I read a novel from **** just now and I was facepalming over and over again at the stupidity the chick had in her. I mean, his husband admitted that he is having a second person in their married life, she was dead upset. But when he confessed he lied, she ended up making love with him. To make it worse, when he said he lied about him having an affair, the chick was so relaxed and suddenly they were so lovey-dovey.

I mean, shouldn't there be more conflicts because of the lies and every other shit he did? He got away so freaking easily. Try replace him with a chick and she will be ignored for the rest of her life.
Double standard at its best.

/headdesk again.

Monday, 2 July 2012 | 9:45 pm | 0 comments


I just love the pose it made. So pro. Wish I could make a cat do that.

Btw, I was so fucking scared shitless when I found out that I lost my wallet today. Which contained my IC. Which is also the main shit that I need to bring when I face le PMR. Good thing my hawkeyes (~.~), I spotted it right on the car. Stupid shit is stupid. ==:

Bad thing is I'm still in process of searching for my BA book and PAFA book. Which is a fucking blasphemy  if not found. I swear to god being in Form 3 is already THIS stressful. Idk how I can make it to Form 5. :|

Sometimes I feel like I should do this:

And sometimes, this:

In other words, I'm so stressed I can't even think straight. Even my hair is falling out now smh.

Saturday, 30 June 2012 | 11:31 pm | 0 comments

Hooray for first post!! :D

Personally, with a new blog, I would really like a new start, but I can't remember what my url is. Pretty stupid tbh. == 

Today I did a LOT of things. I was so freaking tired ide. Le schedule:

Slept like a log. Woke up and told mom I don't want to go to tuition. Slept again. Woke up around 11 AM and starts watching The Mummy while eating breakfast. Then, The Mummy Returns. Blackout. Slept. Woke up. Showered and went to the photocopy store. Blackout is no more. Watch LOTR. Continue the movie frenzy with Pirates Of The Carribean; On Stranger Tides. Went upstairs. Never went downstairs ever.

The end.

Lol Ikr. That's WAY too much work for one person.

Lord better have mercy for tomorrow, I shall begin with my History and Life Skills notes.